Tjaša Pureber


Tjaša Pureber

Tjaša Pureber graduated with a political science background from the Faculty for Social Sciences, Ljubljana, and is currently undertaking her PhD on the Sociology of Culture within the Faculty of Arts. Her research deals with knowledge production, the organization methodology of social movements and horizontal forms social organization, and participatory art.

She is currently on the collective artistic board of the independently run Glej Theatre in Ljubljana, and also works as their Producer and PR representative. She is also a member of Nomad Dance Academy Slovenia, an NGO focusing on new interpretations of contemporary dance. She previously worked as the head of PR for the feminist festival, City of Women, and was/is now a member of various expertise groups working to reform the status of independent cultural workers within the Ministry of Culture, as well as the transmedia expertise group in the Municipality of Ljubljana.

She was previously the head of advocacy and project manager at the Association of Arts and Culture NGOs, and Freelancers Asociacija, a leading advocacy group for independent professional art producers.

Working with a professional journalistic background, she is a frequent moderator and organizer of discussions and conferences, mostly dealing with conditions of labor in the art sector.

She is an independent researcher, publicist, translator and activist.