Newly commissioned project by RAM Jasphy Zheng: Stories from the Room

Newly commissioned project by RAM
Jasphy Zheng: Stories from the Room

Curators: Biljana Ciric, Larys Frogier, Billy Tang

Rockbund Art Museum is very pleased to announce our collaboration with Jasphy Zheng on Stories from the Room (Shanghai), 2020, a newly commissioned project initiated by the artist and supported by RAM CURTAIN New Commissions Series.Invited by Larys Frogier, director of Rockbund Art Museum, Stories from the Room is an ongoing work conceived by Jasphy Zheng, who will present her two-year Stories from the Room project as a temporary installation hosted by the museum. Her project will be occupy the museum building during its temporary closure from 2020.11.07 to 2021.01.03. With the current situation of uncertainty, where we are subjected to varying degrees of isolation, the project is a process to connect various places and people together, beginning with the motivation to archive a growing collection of personal writing responding to lived experiences of the current ‘new normal’. Re-defining the engagement between artist, institution and the audience by going beyond the conventional exhibition structure, Stories from the Room will be extended through the As you go… roads under your feet towards the new future research platform initiated by independent curator Biljana Ciric, and the project will be presented across multiple countries including Japan, Australia, China, Kazakhstan, Serbia and Ethiopia.

Initially staged at the CCA Kitakyushu early this year, Stories from the Room was first realized as a response to the outbreak of the pandemic. The project has since expanded as a concept beyond a traditional archival in collaboration with a community of contributors spanning different continents and regions. Through this dialogue, the archive encompasses many different forms and languages through each encounter with a different public space – many of these spaces have faced different degrees of opening and closure that have influenced how the audience is able to engage with her project. Participants have been encouraged to contribute daily to share personal observations, memories, and reflections, with each contributor having a dedicated folder as a permanent part of the archive. In this way, Zheng provides a vital conduit for a diverse collection of voices to convene together in order to express, challenge, or respond to the difficulties of our current situation. Through each iteration, the archive raises different questions, reflecting the divergent realities and experiences of people and places who contribute to the development of this project.

In the moment of closure before the Rockbund Art Museum’s renovation, the artist has fabricated a series of delicately-made copper objects to occupy the space for Stories from the Room (Shanghai), 2020. As custodians of the archive, we will continue the work of updating and regularly maintaining the archive as it grows through the iteration that occupies our space in Shanghai. Scattered across the floors of our empty museum building, the metallic objects add a sculptural dimension to the project for audiences to explore freely. This subtle interaction with the museum adds another layer to the project as slowly, long-lasting ties begin to emerge between our staff and the archive. We sincerely welcome you to join this journey, exploring questions related to the boundaries between public and privacy, distance and intimacy during these uncertain times. May we embrace the uncertainties and challenges together. Please note that we do not accept on-site registration, kindly make an appointment before your visit. Access is limited. For more information, please refer to the rules and information available at “Booking Registration” below.

Stories from the Room (Shanghai), 2020 is produced with generous support from Longlati Foundation.

Booking Registration

To visit Stories from the Room (Shanghai), 2020 at the Rockbund Art Museum, contributors to the open call related to this project will need to book in advance through email. Booking requests are

subjected to a first come first serve booking process. If unable to attend, these contributors will also receive the ability to transfer the invitation to another person to attend on their behalf. Contributors can contact via email for more details related to the reservation procedure. Please note that we do not accept on-site registration. Please contribute in advance and visit the archive in accordance to our guidelines after receiving this confirmation. Appointments are open to RAM members, sponsors and friends. For more information, please inquire 021-63216251. Answering time: Monday to Friday 11:00-18:00.


Submission Information

If you would like to participate in this ongoing project, please refer to guidance below:

· Write about your days, thoughts or feelings, at any length and in any language you prefer

· Ensure your submission includes a name, location and date

· Send your writings to

· Each contributor will have a dedicated folder in the archive and multiple submissions over time are welcomed

Please note that we are unable to include contributions in the form of image only 

This open call in collaboration with RAM is a two-year project with the deadline of December 30th, 2022. The archives in the space will continue to expand with successive iterations as the project is displayed around the world.

Please note: contributors volunteer free of charge to contribute to this project with the understanding their writing will be visible to different public displays as an on-going project by the artist Jasphy Zheng. Therefore, participants confirm their consent for the reproduction and usage of the content submitted for the display at Rockbund Art Museum, but also including future usages elsewhere as part of a continuous archival project initiated by the artist. Contributors must ensure to avoid the disclosure of private information in the submission. Submissions will not be returned to the contributor and will remain as part of the artwork. Submitted writings will be organized into the archive at Rockbund Art Museum weekly.


About the Artist

Living between the US and China, Jasphy Zheng is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice most recently explores the inevitable failure of communication, both on an interpersonal and collective level. Using social installations, unannounced performances, sculptural objects, and artist’s books, Zheng constructs situations as public interventions that aim to raise awareness of our social and cultural environment, both in and out of the context of contemporary art. Zheng graduated with a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design.


Stories from the Room Project Plan

Center for Contemporary Art Kitakyushu, Japan, 2020.05.18 – 2020.09.25
Rockbund Art Museum, China, 2020.11.07 – 2021.01.03
TarraWarra Museum of Art, Australia, 2020.08.30 – 2021.07.11
Ethiopia, October 2020 – ongoing
Kazakhstan, End of 2020 – ongoing
Serbia, End of 2020 – ongoing



As you go… roads under your feet towards the new future

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上海外滩美术馆很高兴宣布将与艺术家郑亦然展开合作,呈现全新的委约创作项目《部屋物语(上海),2020》。“部屋物语”是郑亦然最新的持续性项目,受上海外滩美术馆馆长拉瑞斯·弗洛乔的邀请,该项目加入美术馆“帘幕:新委约系列项目”计划,并将于2020年11月7日至2021年1月3日在闭馆中的上海外滩美术馆空间限定开放。在一定程度上彼此隔绝的当下,“部屋物语”希望通过在全球范围内征集关于“新常态”(new normal)下个人生活经验的写作,构成一个不断扩展的文字档案,以此在相隔的地区和人之间构建起物理性的联结。我们希望超越传统展览范式,重新构建艺术家、机构和观众之间新的互动方式。与此同时,“部屋物语”将通过比利安娜·思瑞克发起的“要旅行,先修路。通向未来的路在你脚下”研究平台展开漂流,在日本、澳大利亚、中国、哈萨克斯坦、塞尔维亚、埃塞俄比亚等不同国家落地实现。



《部屋物语(上海),2020》由Longlati Foundation特别支持。



投稿者须通过邮件预约,至上海外滩美术馆参观《部屋物语(上海),2020》。投稿者如无法亲至现场,可将名额转让他人。具体预约细则,将由项目参与邮件(与投稿者直接沟通。本活动不接受现场报名,请提前投稿,并等待邮件确认,按指引前往现场。同时,本项目向RAM会员、资助人和友人开放预约,详询021-63216251。接听时间:周一~周五 11:00-18:00。




· 写下你的生活记录、想法或感受,不限长度和语言

· 每篇文字请附上日期、姓名和所在地

· 将写作内容发送到

· 每位参与者都将在档案中拥有一个专属文件夹,我们鼓励长期写作、多次提交