Teodora Jeremić


Teodora Jeremić

Teodora Jeremić is an art historian, freelance curator, and editor based in Belgrade.
She has several years of experience in working as a curator and art producer in self-organized spaces as well as galleries and has curated a number of solo and group shows. Most of her work is connected to the Hestia Art Residency Exhibitions Bureau, space focusing on art practices and contemporary issues in Eastern Europe, Latin America and the MENA region, where she worked as curator and project manager. 

Her practice focuses on the research at the intersection of feminist, decolonial and ecological thought. Interested in the power structures and relations (between gender, geo-political between “centers” and “peripheries”, as well as the attitude toward Other- body, economy, politics, ethics, gender) focused on gender equality, care and well-being, her practice is an invitation for unpacking, dismantling, an invitation for having a closer look “underneath” and “inside”, both on individual and collective level, as a way of dealing with complex historic- psycho-socio-cultural constitutional narratives, and in order to bring repressed and silenced to the light. Therefore, in her practice curating behaves as a “translational” platform with a hope of healing, (re)connecting and generating new understandings.

Keywords: (eco)feminism, decoloniality, pluriversality, gender, identity, degrowth, care, commons, domination, exploitation, hybridism, emotion