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WHAT COULD/SHOULD CURATING DO?—WCSCD was initiated in 2018 in Belgrade as an educational platform around notions of curatorial and is registered as civic association.

WCSCD existing programs and inquiries 2018-2022

WCSCD main program focus is educational program and long term inquiries decolonizing modes of relationality within arts.

WCSCD education program has been run on annual bases every year since 2018 in duration of three months.

In 2020 WCSCD have started first curatorial inquiry of WCSCD long term research project As you go…roads under your feet, towards the new future looking at the impact of BRI in Central Asia, Balkan, Ethiopia and China. The project is structured around partner cells Zdenka Badovinac( Ljubljana), Robel Temesgen and Sinkneh Eshetu( Addis Ababa), Public Library Bor, Rockbund Art Museum( Shanghai), Times Museum ( Guang Zhou) and Artcom platform( Almaty) and WCSCD( Belgrade).

We are entering the new stage of instituting WCSCD and looking forward expanding our team and capacities.

We are committed to art education and its new methodologies.  In the years to come we are hoping to interrogate questions of instituting and instituting otherwise, art and economy, economical, ecological sustainability of art institution.

WCSCD Vision

We dream and practice contemporary culture as a political movement away from economically bound location creating condition for us on margins to participate in discussion where our futures are negotiated and past reflected on. We dream of instituting model that is attentive to human and more then human world asking myself who you are in relationship to the others.

Our Values

Education and new methodologies

  • Ambition and openness to failure as part of the learning procees
  • Professional network of collegue and peers who think together with us
  • Slow mode of working that bring deeper entanglments
Our Priorities


Creating citation from the margins in art practice that contribute to global

Ways of working together that are long term and based of equal sharing of resources

Creating condition for equal participation within contexts that are economically uneven

Contributing to practising towards sustainable art institution


If you are recognizing some of these interest as yours and you have new and daring ideas to contribute to pls send me letter of interest and your CV to email address:

By December 20th

After I receive your letters each candidate will have zoom interview follow up between December 22nd to 28th 2022

Shortlisted candidates will undergo final interview meeting

No specific qualification is requested nor experience for position
English and Serbian speaking skills are required
Priority will be given to candidates based in Serbia
It is a paid position on agreement contract.


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