Where is the body of the curator? | WCSCD 2020/21 Annual Lecture Series

The curatorial program What Could/Should Curating Do 2020 is proud to continue in 2020 with public program through lecture series

The fourth talk  in the 2020/21 series is titled: 

“Where is the body of the curator?”

By Lisa Rosendahl

Date: January 7, 2021
Time: 12:00 pm Belgrade/ 10:00 pm Melbourne/ 07:00 pm Shanghai/ 6:00 am New York
Venue: zoom link
Meeting ID: 985 237 3109
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Lisa Tan, Pictures of You (2017) installed at Pontusbadet in Luleå as part of the exhibition                
Extracts from a Future History curated by Lisa Rosendahl for Public Art Agency Sweden.

“My talk will focus on two curatorial projects: Extracts from a Future History (curated for Public Art Agency Sweden in Luleå in 2017) and The Ghost Ship and the Sea Change (the 11th edition of Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art, forthcoming in 2021). Using these as case studies, I will discuss the exhibition as a site for situated knowledge production and historiography, as well as reflect on curatorial methodology. The title of the talk refers to my ongoing enquiry into the question of curatorial agency and how to understand subjective and embodied acts of narration beyond the frame of individual authorship”.

About Speaker

Portrait by Stine Hebert

Lisa Rosendahl is a Swedish curator and writer based in Berlin. She is Associated Professor of Exhibition Studies at Oslo National Academy of the Arts. In 2018, she was appointed Curator of the 2019 and 2021 editions of GIBCA, the Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art. For the last few years her curatorial practice has been engaged in long term projects researching industrial Modernity in Scandinavia, resulting in exhibitions such as Extracts from a Future History (Public Art Agency Sweden, 2017) The Society Machine (Malmö Konstmuseum, 2016-17) and Rivers of Emotion, Bodies of Ore (Trondheim Kunsthall, 2018). Previous positions include Curator at Public Art Agency Sweden (Stockholm, 2014-17) Director of Iaspis, the Swedish Arts Grants Committee’s international program for visual art, architecture, design and craft (Stockholm, 2011-13) Director of Baltic Art Center (Visby, 2008-10) and Director of Exhibitions at Lisson Gallery (London, 2003-6). 


WHAT COULD/SHOULD CURATING DO? (WCSCD)  was initiated and funded in 2018 in Belgrade as an educational platform around notions of curatorial. From 2020 WCSCD started to initiate its own curatorial inquiries and projects that should unpack above -mentioned complexities keeping educational component as a core to the WCSCD.
The WCSCD curatorial program and series of public lectures have been initiated and organized by Biljana Ciric.
Participation of  Lisa Rosendahl in the WCSCD 2020/21 program as mentors has been supported by Embassy of Sweden in Serbia.
WCSCD 2020/2021 public program series has been done in collaboration with Division of Arts and Humanities, Duke Kunshan University and they co-stream all public lectures. 
Strategic media collaboration is done with Seecult and they will co-host all public lecture series. 

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