February 4th 2020 2pm – 8pm
Guramayne Art Center Addis Ababa

Organized in collaboration with Biljana Ciric & Guramayne Art Center

We are pleased to present long term research project As you go… the roads under your feet, towards a new future (If you want to travel, build roads first). This long term project reflects on the recent Belt and Road Initiative (OBOR), and how it will alter the aesthetics and practices of everyday life in different local contexts. The project invites collaborations with artists, activists, architects, agricultural researchers, and anthropologists in an effort to try and understand the impact of the OBOR on different locales, creating a critical analysis and reflection.

The project will be developed in dialogue with different institutions in the parts of the world where OBOR has a great presence, such as in Central Asia, the Balkans, East Africa, who will act as hosts and facilitators of the research to be done in collaboration with local communities. Gathering of partner institutions in Addis Ababa close door sessions and public moment hosted by Guramayne Art Center marks the begging on the project. 

During this public moment hosted by Guramayne Art Center we publicly announce the project, as well present partner institution of the project WCSCD (Belgrade), Times Museum (Guangzhou), Guramayne Art Center (Addis Ababa), Moderna Galerija (Ljubljana), and ArtEast (Bishkek). 

For this special occasion few artists work related to topic will be presented. Na China (2019) recently produced film by Marie Voignier as well as A New Silk Road: Algorithm of Survival and Hope, 2007, by Gulnara Kasmaileva and Muratbek Djumaliev. 

Artist Robel Temesgen new work Addis Newspaper: The Chinese Issue – January 2050 initiated by the project will be also presented. 

First Phase of the project has been supported by Foundation for Arts Initiatives
Additional grant for first public presentations in Addis Ababa has been received from Soros Foundation – Kyrgyzstan 

Participants of project public moment in Addis Ababa

Robel Temesgen – artist (Addis Ababa)
Zdenka Badovinac – director of Moderna Galerija (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
Nikita Yingqian Cai – chief curator of Times Museum (GuangZhou, China)
Mifte Zeleke – director of Guramayne Art Center (Addis Ababa) 
Gulnara Kasmaileva and Muratbek Djumailev – artists and founders of ArtEast (Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan)
Biljana Ciric – independent curator and founder of What Could Should Curating Do 

February 4th 2020
Location: Guramayne Art Center 

Format of public presentation

2:00pm – 2:20pm Introduction by Mifta Zeleke and introduction of Guramayne Art Center
Introduction of the project by Biljana Ciric 
2:20 – 3:00  Lecture performance by Robel Temesgen 
3:00 – 3:20  Zdenka Badovinac 
3:20 – 3:40  Nikita Yingqian Cai 
3:40 – 4pm  Gulnara and Muratbek 
4:00 – 4:30  Moderated discussion with partner institutions
4:30 – 4:45  Q&A
4:45  break 
5:00  Marie Voignier film screening 
7:10-7:25  Q&A
7:30 – 7:45  Screening of the work by Gulnara Kasmaileva and Muratbek Djumaliev
7:45  Q&A
8:00  Closing remarks